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Car Nano Repairing Spray

Car Nano Repairing Spray

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Why Spending Money at Repair Stores when you can now

Introducing Car Nano Repairing Spray. An innovative invention that allows you to remove any scratches, added with  highly-advanced ceramic formula, protecting your car from further damages.
Car Nano Repairing Spray also helps your car to restore its original flawless condition! With the ultra hydrophobic technology, it allows easy cleaning without water/ dirt accumulation.
  • Removes any scratches and marks ✅
    Simply spray and wipe, any scratches, oxidations, water spots, UV light fades and contaminations will be instantly repaired! 
  • Money and Time Saver⏱
    Repairing with Car Nano Repairing Spray is definitely cheaper than repairing at stores! It also saves your travel time. With just one bottle and you can restore shine to your car anytime, multiple times.
  • Innovative 9H Ceramic Coating Technology 🛡
    Advanced technology protecting your car with ultra hydrophobic coating, reducing any water stain, weathering, dirt & debris build-ups. Promising you a long-lasting protection and easy cleaning surface.  
  • Restore shine for your car ✨
    Car Nano Repairing Spray leaves you a glossy finishing, restoring your car like brand new. Returning the flawless condition. 
  • Easy to use 👍🏻
    Only spray and wipe to get your car back to its original condition!
  • Non-toxic and Long Lasting ⏳
    No toxic and harmful chemicals added. 100% odourless and greaseless while providing a super long lasting protection.
  • Suitable for wide range of surfaces ⭕️
    Blend-able to any car paint color. Just one bottle and you can use it on various surfaces (including  wheels, chrome, paint, metal, plastic, rubber, leather, engine, carpet) 


    1. Wipe  and dry away any dirt and stains on your car. 
    2. Spray Car Nano Repairing Spray and wipe until surface is smooth and glossy.


        • Content: 120mL


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