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Skinlosophy™ Ginseng Herbal Acne Cream

Skinlosophy™ Ginseng Herbal Acne Cream

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The Skinlosophy™ Ginseng Herbal Acne Cream's combination of active ingredients and plant extracts gently gets rid of acne without leaving behind marks and irritation.


Sara Harper, AU

I have oily skin that is prone to fungal acne, and the Skinlosophy™ Ginseng Herbal Acne Cream has been helping a lot. It absorbs like a dream but leaves my skin hydrated and supple. I love that the ingredient list contains no harsh stuff that could contribute to breakouts. I've been using this for over 2 weeks and it lessened my fungal acne and improved my texture.


Samantha Burton, UK

I love the lightweight texture! Also, it contains my favorite skincare ingredient, Niacinamide, which helps with excess oil and pores. This stuff also fades dark spots and gives my complexion a healthy boost.


Zoe Barnes, USA

I have pimples, and the Skinlosophy™ Ginseng Herbal Acne Cream does an awesome job at keeping new acne from forming. The texture feels so refreshing, hydrating, and soothing. It really calms down the redness and swelling. Pimples are drying fast in less than two weeks of application!


Beauty experts have long debunked the belief that using a moisturizer can cause or worsen breakouts. When skin lacks moisture, it compensates by producing more oil that makes it longer for existing acne to heal and causes new ones to appear. So, hydration is always key for healthier, clearer skin.


The Skinlosophy™ Ginseng Herbal Acne Cream comes in a lightweight herbal formula that provides sufficient moisture to pimple-prone complexion without clogging pores and leading to excessive oiliness. The mild yet effective formulation targets and prevents acne formation without drying or irritating the skin.

This cream contains ginseng extract, which is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that speed up the skin’s healing process. It helps ward off the spread of bacteria in the skin that cause pimples and relieves symptoms associated with acne such as redness, irritation, and inflammation. Ginseng is also an anti-aging powerhouse that revitalizes and brightens the complexion.

To aid with healing and hydrating the skin, the Skinlosophy™ Ginseng Herbal Acne Cream is infused with a blend of actives and plant ingredients that offers added benefits to treat acne and the scars they left behind.

  • Niacinamide (Nicotinamide) - Balances oil production; fades dark spots, acne marks, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone; boosts skin radiance
  • Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) - Calms the swelling of pimples; reduces bacteria growth in the skin; prevents new breakouts from forming
  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil - Low comedogenic compared to regular castor oil, so it won't clog pores; contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria
  • Aloe Vera - Hydrates and moisturizes dry and sensitive skin; calms irritation; soothe inflamed acne
  • Sophora Flavescens - Delivers effective skin lightening benefits; repairs scar damage; heals acne and itchy skin

Product Features:

  • Targets and prevents clogged pores and acne
  • Moisturizes the skin while reducing excessive oil production
  • Heals acne scar damage
  • Lightens the pigmented and dark marks that acne leave behind
  • Calms irritation and redness
  • Minimizes inflammation and other symptoms associated with acne
  • Contains herbal extracts that won’t harm the skin or trigger allergic reaction

“The Skinlosophy™ Ginseng Herbal Acne Cream is a win for acne-prone skin types. It feels light yet hydrating, dries down in an instant, and leaves a very subtle glow on the skin without contributing to oil. Plus, pimples and fungal acne are reduced in less than a week of use!” - Tina Martinez, beauty content creator


Gail Gerwig shares her 3-week, acne-healing journey with the Skinlosophy™ Ginseng Herbal Acne Cream.

Week 1:

I have stubborn blackheads and pimples that are prone to swelling and redness, and I'm tired of using spot treatments that irritate and dry my skin. The first time I used the Skinlosophy™ Ginseng Herbal Acne Cream, I immediately felt the soothing and hydrating effect. The texture was light and absorbed fairly quickly. One week of use calmed the redness of my pimples and shrunk the size in half. Amazing!

Week 2:

By the second week, my inflamed pimples looked flatter and drier. I saw how this cream healed my breakouts, and the visible result was just incredible! I noticed that I had less blackheads on my nose too. Skin felt moist but not oily.


Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 50g
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Core ingredients: Ginseng, Hamamelis, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Aloe Vera, Nicotinamide, Sophora Flavescens


Package includes:

1 x Skinlosophy™ Ginseng Herbal Acne Cream

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