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LUXE+ Trio MAXHematie Beaded Bracelets

LUXE+ Trio MAXHematie Beaded Bracelets

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Get Healthy Lymphatic System & Easy Shed Fat in 2 Weeks

LUXE+ Trio MAXHematie Beaded Bracelets are designed scientifically with the power of 2 stones: Hematite and Blizzard, to improve your overall health, making your weight losing journey never as easy. 


Week 1:

“This bracelet looks so fashionable that it matches well with all my outfits. I highly recommend it for everyone. The quality of the bracelet is great, with a nice deal. Most importantly, they really works! I wear it even during exercise and I obviously feel breath is not running out as quickly as before and sweat is more than usual with it on.”

Week 2:

“ I wear them all of the time and I have not removed them for weeks. I am impressed and plan on purchasing more! I always feel some numbness around my hands while exercising and working but after wearing this I felt much better and lighter. I also controlled my food intake for some reason. Lost a few pounds now so I was very thankful. ”

Week 3:

“I don't know why or how these work and I tried them not expecting much but after a few weeks of wearing them, I felt my overall health has improved. Most obvious result is the fat I have shed in the journey. I just love stones, fashionable and high in quality with great deal. Love it so much, I will definitely buy more!"

How does LUXE+ Trio MAXHematie Beaded Bracelets work?

As part of the circulatory and immune systems, the lymphatic system plays an important role. It consists of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear liquid to the heart.

And these lymphatic vessels acts as our body's giant drainage system. If blocked, toxins and harmful substances will not be able to be drained out of our body. If too much wastes and toxins are buildup in Stagnant lymph, immunity & metabolism will be weaken and leads to a wide variety of other health issues.

One of the most common and obvious problem from lymphatic blockage is obesity. Only with better management of lymphedema will reduce swelling and decrease body weight and boost metabolism. 

How LUXE+ Trio MAXHematie Beaded Bracelets helps Drain Lymphatic System?

Made from Hematite and Blizzard stones, the bracelets has the nature of releasing negative and positive ions which can help to regulate flow of our bloodstream and lymphatic system. 

Hematite is found by doctor Michael Roy Davis in the 1980s, he founds that positive and negative charges can have a great impact on human biology. Davis claimed that Hematite energy could kill malignant cells, relieve arthritis pain, and improve blood circulation. Overall, improving our metabolism rate. With a good metabolism, not only we will have a better health but also a faster fat burning rate.

Blizzard Stone is connect directly to the bloodstream, helping to unclog and blockage and enhance the flow. It also positively impacts our hormone system and has positive effects on our metabolism and digestive system, helping us to regulate our diet. 

Some of the benefits of these bracelets are the following:

  • Better blood circulation

  • Speedy Fat Loss
  • ‌Toxin removal
  • Pain relief‌
  • Less inflammation through dilation of blood vessels
  • Less stiffness
  • More energy
  • Faster recovery and healing


LUXE+ Trio MAXHematie Beaded Bracelets is an award winning product that has helped millions of people who suffers from lymphatic blockage, obesity and other health issues escape from pain. Trusted by thousands of professionals and bariatricians, our bracelet is definitely the solution for you. 


    “Ever since I start working in office, 
    I doesn't have the chance to exercise regularly and has the issue of binge eating. But thanks to the bracelet, I feel less swollen in just a week. With exercising once a week now, I look slimmer and feels healthy again !” - Jasmine H.

    “I bought these thinking they looks cool, but never thought it would really work as it claimed! I wore it once and I can already feel better. I sweat more and loose around 5kg in only 3 days. Will surely continue to wear this for a healthier body!” - Samantha D.

    “Used to feel tired all the time and was super swollen, specially on my tummy. Has offered some relief since I wore it! Very comfortable for my exercise, this is the third one I have bought. Thank you so much!” - Olivia T.

    “I use these hearing it could help more sweat and improve metabolism and they seem to work for me -I’d rather use these than take medicine- worth a try!” - Angela M.

    “Worked fairly well for weight loss, the whole journey only took me less than a month and I am very impressed. This practically helps my dieting I wear it all the time. I would definitely buy again. ” - Esther R.

    • Compatibility: All skin types

    • Style: Shadow/ Black 

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