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Deep Cleanse Detox Foot Pads

Deep Cleanse Detox Foot Pads

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Nydia Nelson (35), AU

I used to be skeptical about products on the internet that deliver quick fixes. It all changed when a friend gave me a pack of these detox pads and convinced me to try it. After a week of using, this swelling in my leg. It really works as described. My usually inflamed leg now looks normal. I'll definitely hoard. These detox pads have become a staple. Can't wait to see the slimming effect in the coming weeks.


Halle Miller (26), US

Bought this mainly to soothe my sore, tired feet after a whole day of work. I wasn't really expecting any detoxifying results. But after two weeks of use, this product blew my mind! I swear I feel like this helps trim the size of my waist cause it significantly reduces the bloating in my abdomen area. The detox effect even gives other benefits like improved mental alertness and reduced brain fog. I feel more energetic than ever. Love this!


Priscilla M. (23), UK

I placed these detox pads at the bottom of my feet before bedtime. By morning, I noticed that it turned brown. It could be that the product is working its magic. Been using this for about a week but I have yet to see visible results on my weight. But I love that this product gives a relaxing sensation to my feet and soothes my tired leg muscles. Helped me sleep better too. Will definitely repurchase.


How Toxins Impact Weight Loss

Everyday our body is exposed to harmful elements and free radicals. This constant exposure, combined with unhealthy lifestyle and diet, takes its toll on our health and affects the way our body discharges wastes. When the excretory system, the biological system responsible for getting rid of excess toxins that can damage the body, is not working properly, this could weaken the immune system and slow down the metabolism.

Aside from the environmental toxins, internal or endogenous wastes produced by the bacteria and yeast in our gut are also contributing factors that affect the metabolic system. And when the body is overloaded with toxins, the metabolism grinds to a halt, leading to weight gain.


2 Steps Solutions to Improve Detoxification

1. Identify hidden infections

Chronic inflammation, viruses, or parasites greatly affect the body's metabolism. Consume foods that can improve your gut microbiome such as yogurt, probiotic drink, kimchi, and other fermented foods.

2. Try foot detox

Use detox foot pads that help discharge toxins through sweating. When worn under our feet, these pads stimulate the body's acu-points, enhancing circulation of blood and lymph back up to our body, and get rid of toxins through the feet via sweat glands.


The Deep Cleanse Detox Foot Pads Functions as a Detoxification Booster

These pads offer an all-natural solution to effectively remove toxins from the body. The product is infused with mineral ingredients that separate the water molecules into H+ and OH- ions, attracting toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and metabolic wastes and pulling them out through your feet’s activated sweat glands.


The Deep Cleanse Detox Foot Pads’ Active Ingredients

  • Kelp Extract - This iodine-rich ingredient extracted from brown seaweed regulates metabolism, leading to weight loss. According to clinical studies, its potent antioxidant properties promote activation of thermogenesis, which supports lipid metabolism and efficiently burns white fat.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre - This Ayurvedic herb, when included in your diet, helps regulate the body's blood sugar and stress hormone levels. It curbs sugar cravings that contribute to weight gain.
  • Black Pepper - This nutrient-loaded, all-natural metabolic booster promotes weight loss. The bioactive compound found in black pepper called piperine stimulates digestive enzymes and slows down food passage through the gastrointestinal tract. This reduces bloating and helps you shed excess weight.
  • Horsetail Extract - This naturally sourced diuretic extracted from the horsetail plant reduces fluid retention. It helps flush out excess liquids, relieve temporary water-weight gain, and ease bloating.


How this Herbal Foot Patch Works

According to Oriental Medicine, the feet are believed to be the body's "second heart" as it has many acupoints, closely connecting the feet with organs, neck, shoulder, waist, and back when stimulated. This makes the feet the ideal body part for detoxification.

Mostly worn under feet,the Deep Cleanse Detox Foot Pads help rid the body of toxins through activated sweat glands. Body sweats contain bacteria, toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals and metabolic wastes, and pheromones, chemicals that act like hormones outside of your body. 

The excess waste is pulled into the foot patch. When this happens, the detox pads turn brown or dark color. The color reflects the toxins that have been removed from the body. After regular use, the patch will become cleaner after each usage, indicating that the patch has drawn out most of the toxins in your body.

The Deep Cleanse Detox Foot Pads are just as effective when applied on any lymph node throughout the body as they are when placed under the feet. The patch can be applied on your back, elbows, knees, and other body parts to draw out the waste from every cell and organ, including the heart and digestive system.


How to use the foot patch:

Step 1: Clean and dry your foot with a towel before application.

Step 2: Remove the protective paper of the adhesive tape. Paste the detox pads in the adhesive tape.

Step 3: Stick the pad on the bottom of your foot, on the center of your soles. Apply the other pad on the other foot.

Step 4: Leave them there for 6 to 8 hours or overnight to let the plant ingredients absorb your body. Acetic acid, which has antimicrobial properties, is the main ingredient of the Deep Cleanse Detox Foot Pads. This ingredient is beneficial to the unimpeded absorption of plant ingredients by the body.

Step 5: During the night, when the body is in a state of rapid metabolism, the foot patch will draw out the toxins through the sweat on the part where you applied it.

Step 6: Gently peel off the detox pad in the morning. Wash off using soapy water.


The Deep Cleanse Detox Foot Pads contain organic ingredients that help boost the body's detoxification, prevent toxin buildup, and promote weight loss.

This detox patch has been proven to:

  • Remove body toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals, and parasites
  • Flush out excess liquid and reduce bloating
  • Prevent the buildup of toxins, which can cause weight gain, brain fog, irritability & emotional exhaustion, inability to concentrate, stress & anxiety, muscle aches & joint pain, lymphatic drainage blockage, and hair loss
  • Support lipid metabolism
  • Rid the body of toxin-loaded fat cells
  • Decrease cellulite
  • Help curb sugar cravings
  • Ease bloat
  • Help relieve temporary water-weight gain
  • Aid in weight loss for a slimmer physique
  • Support digestion
  • Reduce swelling and puffiness
  • Balance pH levels
  • Boost mood and relieve stress
  • Enhance heart health
  • Strengthen the body’s immunity
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Eliminate foot odor
  • Reduce foot inflammation
  • Lower the risk of disease

There's a reason why the practice of detoxing as a do-it-yourself, quick health fix has grown in popularity over the years, and the detox foot pad does the job in supporting the body's natural detoxification process. There is no health risk in using this foot patch, and it may even deliver benefits such as weight loss and reduced cellulite.” 

-Lexi King, health and lifestyle blogger


The Deep Cleanse Detox Foot Pads helped Ana Buchanan (29) achieve a slimmer physique

Week 1:

I wanted to shed some weight and reduce waist size. So I tried the juice cleanse. But it takes too long to see results. I purchased the Deep Cleanse Detox Foot Pads and applied the patch on the center of my feet before bedtime on the first night of use. I left them on overnight and noticed a darkened color the next day. Been using this for about a week and I have yet to see visible results. I felt that this product somehow improved the quality of my sleep because I woke up rejuvenated whenever I used this.

Week 3:

Felt my tummy flatten a bit after 3 weeks of use. Aside from reducing the bloating in my stomach, using this patch also improve my mood and mental alertness. I guess it’s really effective in preventing toxin buildup. I could physically feel the benefits.

Week 6:

Waist size went from 34.5 inches to 30 in less than two months. The pads are really effective in helping me trim down and achieve a slimmer figure. I can't recommend this product enough.Will continue using this.


Product Specifications:

  • 100% Cruelty Free
  • Ingredients: 48 kinds of active ingredients, including kelp extract, gymnema sylvestre, horsetail extract, black pepper, and acetic acid


Package includes:

  • 10pcs / 20pcs / 60pcs / 120pcs x Deep Cleanse Detox Foot Pads
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